Applying to the Mosaic

Who Should Apply?
Applications are invited for students to participate in the class and form our research team. The program is appropriate for students with strong interests in global environmental problems and governance. 

For this Mosaic team we are searching for students with a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds (check out the diverse interests of the 2009 team), including Earth sciences, international studies, policy studies, international business and management, sociology, anthropology, history, environmental studies, environmental science, and other physical sciences. We also seek students with skills in interviewing techniques, qualitative research methods, and film and video documentary techniques.  Passion and interest are prerequisites.

How to Apply 
If you are interested in participating, sign up for more information and an application by using the form below. Bookmark this site and check back often to ensure receive information over the course of the year about the program and application process.  Full applications will also be posted on this website in January.

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General Information

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Application Deadlines

Applications Posted or Emailed to Interested Students:  January
Applications Due: Tuesday February 15th, 2011
Program Team Accepted: March, 2011